Fights, accidents at work, crime and terrorist threats.

Throughout the world, and in Europe too, these risks are very real and commonplace. To guarantee security and limit image damage it is essential to act correctly in a given situation. SAT (Security – Advice – Training) offers your organisation personal protection, security advice and unique training programmes that teach your employees to adequately estimate problematic situations and to act without delay.

What if….your organisation is confronted with a serious accident at work, emergency or terrorist attack? There are severely injured victims and medical assistance is not immediately available? Do your employees have the know-how to respond in these situations?

Unique security training programmes
Our years of experience in the security field have enabled SAT to develop valuable training programmes that can play a key role for your organisation during and after an incident, emergency or terrorist attack. Our training programmes focus on today’s problems and are unique in Europe, up-to-date, innovative and directly applicable in practice. After following our training programmes, your employees will feel confident about how they should act. This will increase the chance of action being taken during an incident or emergency significantly and save many lives.

Security advice and personal protection
SAT does much more besides providing security training programmes. For instance, we help you with a security quick scan and provide practical solutions. Furthermore, at SAT you are assured of professional personal protection of the very highest level.


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Security advice

Security quick scans and a practical security advice plan including an emergency escape route, phasing in the building and access checks.

Medical Trauma Training

Learn to provide life-saving assistance in the absence of the regular medical emergency services.

Personal protection

Planning and/or providing personal protection measures.

Predictive awareness training

Recognise potential suspects/terrorists and take action based on this.

Various security training

Resilience, self-defence, body search and driving skills.