About SAT

Marcel Daamen

Director, owner SAT

As a result of incidents, fights, crime or terrorism companies incur image or financial damage. All the incidents, threats, developments and attacks that occur throughout Europe in the security field make prevention and acting correctly during an incident or emergency essential.

SAT was established by Marcel Daamen, to support and provide total service to companies and organisations where security is concerned.
“My company provides advice and training in the field of security and the protection of objects and people in both the proactive and reactive phase, with a view to preventing or limiting damage to your company’s image. We in particular train your employees to act correctly during incidents. Reliability, expertise, personal contact, high quality and result-orientation are key to this.
We work for and with entrepreneurs, hotels, catering establishments, government agencies and all companies or organisations accessed by the public.”

What makes us unique?
Based on our years of experience in the field of security at the very highest level in the Netherlands and abroad, SAT has developed 1-day training sessions that respond to today’s problems, including the absence of medical assistance following a terrorist attack.
The training and services offered by SAT are unique, up-to-date, innovative and practical. The duration is short and costs are low, keeping the burden for your employees and the financial burden for your company low.

Our instructors and bodyguards
We are proud to say that SAT works with eight employees with very extensive knowledge and skills and who are experts in the security field. They operate in the Netherlands at the highest security level and in war and crisis areas anywhere in the world. Our experts have a broad education and training at the highest level in the field of firearms, medical assistance, profiling, driving skills and combat sports. They have worked with different types of VIPs such as diplomats, ministers and high-ranking military staff.

In brief, SAT experts are better able than anyone to transfer their knowledge and skills correctly and professionally to your employees.