"How do you recognize a suspicious person?"

Predictive Awareness Training

Do your company and employees have regular contact with public crowds?
If so, the Predictive Awareness Training is a must for your company.
During this training your employees learn a proactive security method to discover and categorise a possible criminal or terrorist act at an early stage, based on observed conduct, information about the situation and /or objects.

During the one-day training the basic skills and different facets involved in profiling are discussed, including: Conduct / state of mind, General indicators, Indicators for misleading and untruthful conduct, Planning cycle of the suspect and security questioning.

After following this training your employees will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned by ‘recognising’ a possible suspect at an early stage and taking action. This action might be taken by the employees themselves or by alarming internal security staff or making a report to the police. As a result the suspect can be deterred and might abandon a follow-up action.

For who?Employees who wish to extend and deepen their Awareness knowledge and skills. This target group includes all groups who have contact with the public.
To qualify for this training no background is required. The training has an easy structure making it suitable for anyone within your company.

Your instructor
The Predictive Awareness Training is given by one instructor who has gained specific knowledge and extensive experience both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Additional information
If you would like additional information about security advice please contact
Marcel Daamen, tel. +31 6 22509833 or via info@security-at.nl

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