"SAT offers you the best in terms of personal security."

Personal protection

At SAT you are assured of highly qualified personal protection. We provide a total service when it comes to VIP protection. We both plan and provide the protection. Consider, for example, arranging contact with third parties, booking the right room and hotel, arranging types of transport or arranging VIP reservations in a restaurant or club.

Highly qualified protection
Our bodyguards have very extensive knowledge and experience in the protection of people, both as regards planning and actually providing the protection.

SAT employees work both in the Netherlands and in war and crisis areas anywhere in the world. They have a broad education and training at the highest level in the field of firearms, medical assistance, profiling, driving skills and combat sports. They have worked with different types of VIPs such as diplomats, ministers and high-ranking military staff.

The right competences
Our bodyguards are among the best in the world. They have the right competences: flexible, decisive, honest, stress resistant, reliable and diplomatic. Being aware of their verbal and non-verbal attitude, they can act visibly when needed and be virtually invisible to guarantee the privacy of the VIP as fully and responsibly as possible.

Additional information
If you would like additional information about security advice please contact
Marcel Daamen, tel. +31 6 22509833 or via info@security-at.nl

Other services

Security advice

Security quick scans and a practical security advice plan including an emergency escape route, phasing in the building and access checks.

Medical trauma training

Learn to provide life-saving assistance in the absence of the regular medical emergency services.

Predictive awareness training

Recognise potential suspects/terrorists and take action based on this.

Various security training

Resilience, self-defence, body search and driving skills.