Various security training

SAT can provide your company or organisation with different types of training, including:

  • Resilience training
  • Self-defence
  • Body search
  •  Driving skills

The different types of training are suitable for a wide range of employees within your company or organisation.

The knowledge and skills learned during the training enable your employees to act adequately and decisively in diverse situations.

For who?
The training is intended for a wide range of professions that have contact with the public, including security and catering.

Your trainers and security experts
Depending on the training one or two instructors are deployed. They have extensive experience in both the Netherlands and abroad. They operate in the Netherlands at the highest security level and in war and crisis areas anywhere in the world. They completed all possible education and training programmes and are able to transfer their knowledge correctly and professionally to your employees.

Additional information
If you would like additional information about security advice please contact
Marcel Daamen, tel. +31 6 22509833 or via

Other services

Security advice

Security quick scans and a practical security advice plan including an emergency escape route, phasing in the building and access checks.

Medical trauma training

Learn to provide life-saving assistance in the absence of the regular medical emergency services.

Personal protection

Planning and/or providing personal protection measures.

Predictive awareness training

Resilience, self-defence, body search and driving skills.